Meta が新しい AI ベースの写真セグメンテーションツールをすべての人にリリース


・ambition – 野心

・catch up to – 追いつく

・make a bit of a splash – 小さな波紋を起こす

・show off – 自慢する

・capable of – できるだけの能力がある

・Here’s the kicker – でも問題はここから

・release it to anybody – だれにでもリリースする

・go a step further – 一歩進んで行く


Meta has some big AI ambitions, even as it seems like it’s long been playing catch up to OpenAI, Microsoft, and even Google.

To make a bit of a splash, on Wednesday the company showed off its new AI-based Segment Anything Model that’s surprisingly capable of identifying and separating specific objects in images and video.

Here’s the kicker, Meta is releasing it to anybody by making its new software open source.

There’s quite a few good apps for erasing unwanted objects from images, and all of them already employ AI models to find and replace objects in photos.

In my own tests of the Segment Anything demo, Meta has gone a step further with its own offering.
私自身のSegment Anythingデモのテストでは、Metaは自社のオファリングを一歩進めました。

The demo system offers a kind of Photoshop’s ‘Magic Wand’ tool on steroids. I tried it out using a few crowded images, such as a photo of Lego’s massive Rivendell set.

Not only did it collectively guess that I was trying to select specific minifigs out of the background, but when it picked up a few wayward pixels I was quickly able to tell it to delete anything that wasn’t a Lord of the Rings character with just a single click.
背景から特定のミニフィグを選択しようとしていることを集合的に推測するだけでなく、迷惑なピクセルをいくつか拾ったときには、Lord of the Ringsのキャラクター以外のものを1回のクリックで削除するようにすぐに指示することができました。

Meta Releases New AI-Based Photo Segmentation Tool to Everybody